Three X’s for you: Latina Edition

  Looking for an article about Latina? In my case, this is not the ordinary Latina that every people use to call every Latin women ever, no. Today’s article is not as naïve as what everybody thought. What I am going to talk about at this very moment is of course about Latinas on the […]

Latina Author Anna-Marie Lopez Talks About Her First Novel

Please welcome my special guest, artist, musician and novelist Anna-Marie Lopez. Her first novel, The Tortilla Children, has just been published by Onda Books and was inspired by her father. After turning down a scholarship to Howard Payne University, she decided to attend San Antonio College and the University of TX at San Antonio. Later, […]

Marketing, Selling, and Serving the Older Adult, Senior Citizens, Family Caregivers

Are your clients pleased by the fine quality service that you provide? Validating your clients’ endorsement of you through Certification as a Senior Approved Service will increase your client base. Senior Approved Certification leads a family towards a service like yours side stepping the possibility of connecting with a less than desirable service. If you […]

Online Dating Tips

Dating is one of the exciting events that people get into. It is something that could make them feel they exist in this world because someone cares for them and somebody would like to fit into their company. However, finding a real date is something that you might find as hard thing to do. This […]

Online Dating and Hookup Dating – The Difference

Hookup dating has become so popular as a way of meeting singles for those people that do not want to waste time and money in single’s bars every weekend. The internet has changed the dating scene all over the world. But there is a difference when it comes to dating online and hookup dating online. […]